what your handwriting says about you


These are crazy times in which computers and phones do everything for us. In fact, we don’t even write anymore and we tend to lose our ability to just put our hands on a paper and write. And, by doing that, we are missing on something really important. We are missing on a key part of our personality since the way we write says a lot about ourselves. Everyone has a different handwriting and this personal approach to a paper can reflect different aspects of our personalities. Would you like to know what your handwriting says about you? Grab a piece of paper, write a full sentence and the adventure begins.

For graphologists, people who tend to use large letters when they write are extroverted people who love being surrounded by friends and family. On the other hand, if you have a smaller handwriting then it is possible that you keep more to yourself.  

Another example is the way you write your “i’s”. Do you use a closed dot? If so, then you are a perfectionist. If you do a well-rounded circle, then you are more childish and kind of a free spirit. As you can see, Graphology is interesting. Try writing more and learn about yourself while doing it.